The Team

The Team consists of individuals working on the core project in the Arsenic Biosensor Collaboration:

Genetic circuit design & Chassis development:
Dr Orr Yarkoni, Lalitha Sundaram, University of Cambridge; Dr David Radford, University of Edinburgh

Container development, business & regulatory consultant:
Dr David Nugent, Elucidare Limited

Design consultant:
Mr James King, Science Practice

Stakeholder consultant, Nepal:
Dr David J. Grimshaw, Fair Technology

Lab Heads:
Dr Chris French, University of Edinburgh; Drs Jim Haseloff, James W. Ajioka, University of Cambridge

Project leader:
Dr James W. Ajioka, University of Cambridge

Project Local Partner in Nepal:
Dr. Suman K. Shakya, Executive Director, ENPHO

Drs Orr Yarkoni and David Radford are expert molecular and microbiologists and the developers of the biological aspect of the project. They are working on how to design the genetic circuits from natural bacterial genes to be able to specifically and accurately sense different levels of arsenic. David and Orr are also making the bacteria unable to survive and compete outside the container to limit any environmental impact. Dr David Nugent, a Cambridge PhD in Physics, is the technical designer of the physical container and is also our business and regulatory consultant, directing those parts of the project. Mr James King, designer at Science Practice, is working with David Nugent on the container design and is responsible for the communication and aesthetic aspects of the project. Dr David J. Grimshaw has long experience in practical technology development and has previously worked in Nepal so is guiding the stakeholder engagement in Nepal. Drs Chris French, Jim Haseloff and Jim Ajioka are the lab heads and technical supervisors on the project. Jim Ajioka leads the project.