Funders and Partners

The Arsenic Biosensor Collaboration consists of partners from the range of stakeholders. The Wellcome Trust provides the primary funding for the core project. The Nepal NGO, Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO), is our primary partner in Nepal because their main focus is on the provision of safe drinking water. Dr Suman Shakya, the Director of ENPHO has contacts in all the Nepal government agencies including the water departments DWSS, RWSS and international NGOs such as UNICEF. ENPHO also has has an office in the Terai region that is our contact with the people affected by arsenic contamination. Given their ongoing educational programme and distribution/support of the Kanchan arsenic filter, ENPHO will be an important partnership in the future of the arsenic biosensor in Nepal. Our academic partners include our colleagues in the EPSRC-funded Flowers Consortium and Kathmandu University. Here we are getting technical support for the biosensor construction and commentary on regulatory and social impact of the project as it unfolds.